Saturday, April 18, 2009

Homo Sapiens' boredom algorithm

Click on the image for an enhanced (= readable) version.An attempt to maintain the log of the system states while on full swing operation!


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  2. Hello author (of arbit algo),
    the lifestyle represented here seem to have too much activity. I can never handle such busy schedules. I guess one hafto do all sorts of yoga daily to cope up with such stress.

  3. Lol boopa :)
    Btw, the algo is for homo sapiens wonly..
    Code crashes for species like you :P :)

  4. I hoped the story had a happy end.. You know.. Smthg one the lines of "Shubham" :P

  5. LOL.. you forgot the inevitable loop back to the first block though..

  6. @ vk: The algo has two endings
    1. Me cursing everyone in the universe into the pillow and sleeping away!
    2. The one Anirudh suggested
    Guess both arent anywer close to 'shubham' :)...
    Have learnt to accept the reality of life :P

  7. LOL...thats precisely how i landed on ur page.