Friday, April 24, 2009


Bunking work and sitting at home has its own significance I guess..
So I was sitting at home, in front of the comp with this plate of cookies..

The room door opened and I sensed some soul was moving in the back.As this was a usual thing at home, I just ignored and continued along..
After some minutes, I sensed that some soul staring at me from behind.As this was definitely not usual, I turned back to scowl at the observer..
It was a family friend's 7 year old son (third standard dude) who had come home for a visit..

I quickly minimized all the irrelevant stuff and started a conversation with him.After around 10 minutes of the usual inquiries I drifted off to xkcd, with him at the back,asking questions that I was answering in some irrelevant order..Somewhere down the lane I lost the enthu to answer him and got immersed in xkcd.

He: Akka

Me: Mmm..

He: Akkaaa

Me: Mmm..

He: Akkkkaaaaaa..

Me: (Still) Mm..

He: Mmaatthh!!

Me: (Turning suddenly) What!? Where did u learn that?

He: I saw in that blinking box there (gtalk window)

Me: (Having got my theory that a 7 year old cant read/grab that much of English grossly disproved, I quickly minimized all the gtalk windows)..Yes da.Tell!

He: Can I ask you some riddle questions?

Me: (Oh! No! Its the damn riddles again!) Mm..Tell..(Got back to xkcd by then)

He: In which room, u cant get in?

Me: (Tried to think but gave up)..MM-Hmm..U tell me

He: Mushroom (glee!)

Me: Oh! (I was actually amused here.Its been bleddy long since I had heard jokes(?!) like this one)

He: 3 Men get into a small umbrella and tried to walk together. None of them got wet.Why?

Me: No rain?!

He: Yes (slightly put out)..Which key is very difficult to turn?

Me: (Not even listening).Mmm-hmm..

He: Donkey (glee again!)..Which is the dress you cant wear?

Me: (Having lost him wayy back)..U tell!

He: Address..

(silence as there was no reaction from me)

He: How can a girl keep the love of a guy?

Me: (Picking up girl and guy and henceforth rapidly turning) What??

He: How can a girl keep the love of a guy?

Me: (Actually thinking-not the answer but the wierdness that how the question is coming from him)..I dont know?(doubtful)

He: By not retuning it!

Me: (Actually laughing out loud)Who told you this?

He: My friend told me!!

Me: (Now Highly doubtful) What is your friend doing?

He: He is studying 2 nd standard

Me: (Speechless) Oh! (Whoa! inside head)

1. Never underestimate the capacity of today's single digit age!
2. I guess I am getting old!

P.S: The whole conversation happened in English only. No translation was needed!
It was good since I dint have to ask the dude whether I could blog this :)
P^3.S: In case, the dude reads this blog after growing up, "No offense man! You are one of the brightest in the family circle :) "


  1. Pure Brilliance..
    Anythin else said is just waste of typed characters..

  2. I am still thinking of the last joke, 'He' said.. I wonder what really he thinks of that.

  3. Kids are too smart for their own good. I guess even I was innocent once!

  4. @ Manas : I dint have the courage to get more insights for the day :)

  5. @ Harini : 'At once' is the key word to note :P

  6. @vk: its a definite necessity man! Necessity :P :D

  7. I'd say that the odds of that happening are less than me dating AlizeƩ :)