Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Small things - Taught and learnt

On a friday evening, when all the bugg-able people on my gtalk list were yellow, the following thing happened. But before you guys know what the following thing is, I have to say that my mom is in my gtalk list. The fourth year summer holidays (college) are to be blamed. That was when I was like 24x7 online, checking imaginary mail and talking non stop with all the greeners and redders. Used to shoo her away when she came to call for the meals which i insisted on having right before the comp. She screamed at me and challenged that she would learn all this in one year and , here it is. Admirable! (Ahem!)

She: Hi


She: yes

Me: amma..naan iniki chennai varene :D (I am coming to chennai today-Yay!)

She: very happy

Me: put a smiley then. Semi colon and a closing bracket

She: :)

Me: super!

She ;)

Me: that is winking. You are learning fast \m/

She: \m/

Me: that is yo

She: i don't know all these dee. Enna berth?
The most important concern in her life)

Me: (Not paying attention to the conversation at all) Smile :) wink ;) sarcasm :P love <3

: :) adi podi nee varumbothu u explain (Explain when you are here)

Me: scorpion V.v.V frown :-/ sad :( cry :'(: kiss :-x

She: You people remember all these things? Aiyo rama! What are you doing?

Me: Nothing. Watching something.

She: What are you watching?

Me: Nothing ma. English serial.

She: Enaku theriyum.(I know) That friends only no?

Me: (Wow! Inside head) yes. That only

She: Don’t watch all that kanna. That day ninju was watching it on the TV. It had gay and all.

Me: What???! (Stifling laugh) Amma, Gay is not some kind of a thing one has. It is...

She: (interrupting) I know what that kanraavi* is . I made ninju tell

Me : (Feeling lucky for the millionth time that I am not my brother) Hahhaaha. And?

She: Paakathenna paakatha. Avlodhaan (Don’t see means don’t see. That’s all). I was so worried that ninju is also watching it like you.

Me: Why are you worried again? Because it had the term or because ninju was watching it? (Yeah. I like to freak my mom out)

She: Vaai neelama pochu rendu perkum vara vara (Mouth has become longer for you and your brother these days)

Me: Hehe. (Now totally in the mood to freak her out) Amma, there is a cute guy in my bus. I see him daily.

She: Hmm

Me: (Realising its not working as planned) Tall and all

She: Hmm

Me: (Damn it. Still nothing?) Fair too

She: Hmm

Me: (Thats it.. Going for the final cut..) Stubble-ed also..

She: Hmm

Me: (Disbelieving!) What? did you see what i said?

She: Yeah yeah. One question. Did he see you ?

Me: (Damn it damn it damn it!!) (Mumbling something, typing nothing) Po* maa.

She: Velaya paaru dee :P *

Me: (Sarcasm?!!) Grrr.

Lessons learnt:

1. Teaching smileys to mothers aint all that great an idea. But atleast, she got the sarcasm thing right.

2. I am losing the abitlity to freak my mom out these days. Sadness.

3. Later in the day she called me up for something else but innocently enquired whether it was a Tamil Iyer boy and warned...,well..., lets just say that the freak out gene is still active. - Comforting!

4. Moms are just levllee*

5. Point 4 should have been point 1.

kanraavi = basic shit
Po = go
Velaya paaru dee = Shut up and do your work. (buried in a truck load of sarcasm)
levllee = Oh, thats just me saying lovely. Come on!


  1. Entertaining (because it is very well written- "taut" is the right word) and illuminating read :)

  2. "She: Yeah yeah. One question. Did he see you ?"
    mega nose cut! dont mess with moms ;)

  3. @ samidh : Illuminating? the only illuminating thing was the light in the room :p
    @Sridhar : learnt it the hard way!

  4. hey, its nice.. well u keep ur mom in gtalk, while i keep my dad(no other way he invited me)...
    one more thing .. u could have told ur mom .. na avan pakathula thaan bus la okaanthurukeen nu .. (thats enough for mom to freak out)

  5. Beautifully written... enjoyed it