Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh my!

Twitter time line can be very inspiring. Apart from creating an impulse to get a fancy haircut or shop for total unnecessary , it does give an inspiration to babble when someone else share the link at which they had babbled ("Comeon! I can crap like this..")

This week has been entertaining so far. I think its the brother's visit from home. He in this post-college-before-next-thing phase of life where you are so bored that you actually end up cleaning the Songs folder in D: drive. The other day, we took a walk to the Cream centre in IndraNagar (which btw is totally worth visiting!) for a early dinner. As usual I was being healthily inquisitive (this translates to gossiping in XY dictionary apparently) on the current state of romantic affairs at college.

I learnt a couple of phrases from the conversation.

1. Ladyman : A guy who can mingle with any crowd of girls without approaching any dangerous relationship status related territory within ten minutes of introduction. And has the capability to carry on the conversation for another 10 mins.

2. Pseudo : Pseudo are the guys who are percieved to be lady man but are actual brother figures for most of the girls. These are the guys who are resorted for any protection, escorting in the late evenings after curfew and thulping the ex boyfriend in case of any trouble

3. Fielder : These are guys who go for girls who have been out recently from a relationship. In the sense that they often catch the ball that was missed by the batsmen (I know! I know!)

4. Point 3 guys are also referred to as father of foreign country* for obvious reasons :P

5. Mama-max : These are the ultimate peacemaker guys as the name suggests. Post the 2 o clock cell phone fights in wing corridor, they are the guys who receive the hurled cell phone on their face, wake up joltingly, wipe the drool and make peace between the parties.

Oh my!

P.S: Sidin or someone said that they write in Georgia font, size 14 in notepad. Totally works! And as for the previous post, the answer to self in the same style is

*Father of foreign country

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