Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 and the breaking of blocks

Yesterday while I was talking to a friend, I mentioned that the last post I had written was on new year resolutions and that was a year ago. I lamented on how I had not bothered to write about anything else that happened in the last year. Today I came to the blog and I saw that the new year post was 2 years back and in 2011!  So here is the effort to make things right.  Slightly.

This is going to be a post which is just meant to break the writer's block and nothing else. I have neither any theme in my mind nor any observation that can be tweaked to a funny post. I promise to get one of those real soon.

First of all, happy new year everybody! 2012 was fantastic for me and 2013 has a tough job to live up to that. For the people whose 2012 sucked, well.. the year is over.

2012 finally made the dream of IISc come true for me. I had been trying for a while now to get a sabbatical and get into the Institute to do my Masters and there were some obstacles on the way. But yes, all that starts well ends well too. College life is good. Nothing like my undergrad days but nevertheless, its proving to be a great learning opportunity. After working for a while, you pick up a style of life- wake up, go to work, come back after 8-9 hours, relax and sleep. I am still sticking to that routine. People who hear this say its for the good. I too, want to believe that :)

This new year's day, unlike others, was spent outdoors. There was a museum, an art gallery, some greenery, a movie and red sauce pasta with sprite. They were awesome. Although not strictly in the order in which they are written :) There were two dogs going at it in the greenery, but as the suave girl I am, lets all pretend I dint see that or mention it here.

Resolutions this year are: 4kms in half hour. Not by wheels. By legs. And learn to swim.

Welcome 2013. For a major extent, try to be kind :)


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